Diabetes in Clinton & Jackson, MS

Taking good care of your feet can help you avoid health complications due to diabetes. Whether you have Type 1 or 2 diabetes, Drs. Stefanie Thomas, Ashley Blackwell and Timothy Adams, your podiatrists at Premier Foot Clinic, offer treatments that will help you protect your feet and your health. They serve the entire Clinton and Jackson, MS, area with offices in West Clinton and Cleveland.

How diabetes affects your feet

Diabetes can damage your nerves and reduce blood flow to your feet. When blood flow decreases, you may experience pain in your feet and notice that infections heal very slowly.

The disease can also damage the nerves in your feet. If you have the condition, called diabetic neuropathy, your feet may become numb. When you can't feel your feet, it can difficult to tell if you have a cut or blister on your foot. Unfortunately, you may not even be aware that you have a problem until you develop an infection. If your infection is severe and difficult to treat, your foot and leg may be at risk.

Avoiding diabetic foot problems

Reducing your risk of foot complications can be as simple as:

  • Performing Self Exams: Daily foot exams help you spot and treat signs of trouble, such as blisters, cuts, scratches, ingrown toenails and scrapes. Even red spots on your foot can be an issue. If your feet are numb, you won't feel your shoes rubbing against your feet but will develop a red spot. Switching shoes before the spot turns into a blister can help you avoid a potential infection.
  • Knowing When to Contact Your Foot Doctor: Call your Clinton and Jackson podiatrist if you notice a cut, scrape, ingrown nail, fungal infection or broken blister on your foot. Don't wait to make that call if your foot is infected. A cut or sore may be infected if it's red, swollen, tender or covered in pus. Red streaks on your foot, pain, numbness, or changes in the color or temperature of your skin can also occur if you have an infection.
  • Wearing Orthotics: Orthotics, custom shoe inserts designed by your podiatrist, reduce pressure on your feet and help you avoid sores.

Visits to your Clinton and Jackson, MS area podiatrists can help you avoid diabetic foot complications. Schedule an appointment with Drs. Stefanie Thomas, Ashley Blackwell, and Timothy Adams by calling (601) 926- 1500 for the West Clinton office or (662) 843-3668 for the Cleveland office.

For more information on Diabetes Care in the Clinton & Jackson, MS areas, contact Premier Foot Clinic by filling our Contact Form or calling (601) 926-1500 today!