Caring for you Feet When You're Diabetic
By Premier Foot Clinic
April 04, 2018
Category: Foot Care
Tags: diabetic foot care  

Are you worried about your foot care? Diabetes can be dangerous for your feet if you don't take proper care of them and control your diabetic foor carediabetes. This can be problematic for many individuals, which is why your Clinton and Jackson, MS, podiatrists are here to help.


Diabetics need to take special care of their feet, a small cut may result in serious foot issues like nerve damage. A cut or injury may:

  • Reduce blood flow to the feet
  • Make it harder to heal an injury or resist infection
  • Increase the risk of an infection

To avoid serious foot problems try the following at home steps: Examine your feet every day to make sure there are no cuts, blisters, redness, swelling, or nail problems. Also, wash your feet in warm water on a daily basis. People sometimes skip moisturizing their feet, but moisturizing can help prevent dry skin from itching or cracking.

Here are a few more tips to help you take better care of your feet:

  • Cut nails straight across and file edges or visit your podiatrist if you are unable to cut them yourself
  • Visit your podiatrist to treat corns or calluses
  • Avoid tight elastic bands that reduce blood circulation, and control your blood sugar levels
  • Change socks every day, make sure you're feet are dry and wear socks during frigid nights
  • Get periodic foot exams, and regularly visit your foot and ankle surgeon

If you have any questions or concerns about diabetes, you should contact your Clinton and Jackson, MS, doctors Dr. Stefanie Thomas, Dr. Ashley Blackwell and Dr. Timothy Adams. They have the expertise to help figure out and treat your foot issues. Don't hesitate to call today!